Hello!  I’m a 23 year old physicist about to start a PhD in high energy physics (the study of quantum mechanical particles, fields, Higgs Bosons etc.) at University College London, having just completed a Masters at the University of Oxford. This blog is mostly about my political views.

I’m a strong believer in evidence-based politics, but I largely come largely from a left-wing perspective. More specifically, I would broadly categorise myself as a liberal, social democrat, or perhaps a market-socialist. I’m also a radical feminist. On cultural and political matters, I’m broadly liberal-leftist, and economically an advocate of Keynesianism, co-operativism and a democratic market economy. Markets are an object of some fascination to me, scientifically, economically and politically.

I have been active with the Liberal Democrats for some time, but I do not support the Coalition government. Within the Liberal Democrats, I am a member of the Social Liberal Forum and Liberal Left. I’m also a member of Compass. I am deliberately trying to avoid writing this blog from a partisan, party-political perspective. Tribalism has been immensely damaging to the left in particular and politics in general, and it is time that we looked beyond narrow party-lines and started developing a broader agenda by which to fight for progress and justice in society.

The political left has been in a state of crisis since the late 1970s, the rise of a much larger middle class in Western (and now increasingly the formerly “third world” countries), and globalised world economy. There is a huge dearth of ideas and ability on the left of the political spectrum. I am partly writing this blog to explore new progressive ideas suitable for this changed climate.

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My fields of greatest expertise are theoretical and particle physics, and in particular I have worked on papers on gluon distribution functions in Quantum Chromodynamics, which is a quite likely area for a PhD topic next year. Feel free to ask me about advanced level physics: I enjoy trying to do my best to explain it in layman’s terms, but a lot of these fundamental ideas are highly abstract and counter-intuitive.  I’m interested in almost every field of human endeavour, obviously fundamental physic and mathematics, all areas of science and computing, history, the arts, classical music, philosophy and so forth. Essentially, I am interested in everything around me, and the Universe at large.

I really love music, and in particular classical music, although not exclusively! I play clarinet, violin and trumpet, and I enjoy singing in my college chapel’s choir several times a week and am considering joining another choir as well. I am absolutely fascinated by musical theory, and would like to learn the piano one day.

Other things I enjoy include debating, both formally and in conversation in general. I’ve chaired my college’s debating society. I’ve also been a contestant on University Challenge, where we got to the second round. You can read reviews of our performances here:



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